Dental Distractions

Sorry all – falling behind on posts – I’ve been having some dental distractions… all you’ll probably want to know is that if you’re the sort of person who finds learning a new language about as much fun as having a root canal, well, I’ll shortly be able to offer an opinion…

So, before the laughing gas hits, some pictures from Hogenakkal Falls – which I managed to visit on my way back to Madurai from my Bangalore music festival.

India’s Niagra


Sometimes referred to as “India’s Niagra” – the Hogenakkal Falls are probably not at their best in the middle of a dry season following on from a couple of years of failed monsoons. Although, even without water there’s still an impressive moonscape that was probably the trip.

Reasons for Learning Tamil #53

Spotted this sign in a bus station on my way from the waterfalls – go figure…


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